V4L FilterPatchScan

  • Measures the size and number of particles automatically
  • Sharply focused images of the particles
  • ISO 4406 cleanliness codes
  • ISO 4406, NAS 1638 or SAE AS 4059
  • HTML web-ready report in minutes
  • Configurable image output:
    Individual particle images
    Summary sheets with size labelled images

  • Ideal for on-site use

V4L FilterPatchScan is a complete hardware and software package for the automatic sizing and counting of particles in filter patch images.

The particle counts are then used to produce ISO 4406 cleanliness codes and reports in HTML format automatically. The system can image particles down to 4 microns in size and does not require a microscope. Sample imaging, processing and report generation takes a matter of minutes.

Whether you are working on the road or working in a specialist laboratory FilterPatchScan can be configured to meet your needs with various output and portablility options.


Easy handling.

Unlike other particle counting products, V4L FilterPatchScan allows the operator to see the many different particle types present in oil samples from a range of applications.

Particle images are presented size sorted, labelled and groupe into the ISO 4406 size categories.

Individual particles may be selected for inclusion in the report by simply clicking and adding comments – no time consuming cutting and pasting of the image necessary!


      Screenshot of the FilterPatchScan particle 'tiles' view       

Technical Data

Camera + stand
Height25 cm

Sample HTML report output from FilterPatchScan

Width20 cm
Depth25 cm
Weight8kgs (approx
Camera output
1 μm/pixel
Imaged Area5x4 mm
Processed Area4x3 mm
Power (camera)Directed from
USB 2.0 bus.
Power (ringlight)15 Watts
Computing Requirements
CPUPentium III, 1.3 GHz or higher
Memory512 MB
USB ports1x2.0
Free disk space200 MB
Time to process 1 sample1.5 – 2.0 minutes
Operating SystemWindows XP/7


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