Logoer Parker Snap-Tite Olaer EO2 Autoclave

NTOS provides leading technology products for the on- and offshore market. Our products are designed to meet all relevant regulations and standards, both international and national. 

The product range is designed and developed in response to market demands, and is well suited for implementation in projects globally. NTOS also designs and invents components for implementation in offshore systems, both topside and subsea, in addition to land based applications. 

NTOS is Parker Premier Distributor and have two Parker Stores in our business.

Product range:

  • Hydraulic Power Unit’s
  • Autoclave Pneumatic Pumps & Accessories
  • Parker High Pressure Hoses & Components
  • Parker Hydraulic & Pneumatics Components
  • Parker Tracking System
  • Reel System
  • Umbilical’s
  • Test Units & Equipment
  • Digitally Pressure logging equipment
  • Cleanness & Purity equipment